Tampere NORD 4.5.2019, judge Kaisa Metteri-Gold

Katmary’s Big Spender ”Bosse” JUN EXC1, CQ, BEST MALE-2, RES-CAC, RES-NORD CAC
Let’s Rock Piano Man ”Doukki” CH EXC3, CQ
Let’s Rock Jimmy Dean ”Mikke” CH EXC4
Let’s Rock Who Knew  ”Luna JUN EXC1, CQ, BEST FEMALE-2, CAC, RES-NORD CAC
Let’s Rock From Above ”Misteli” VET EXC2, CQ
Let’s Rock breeder 2. HP

Pöytyä Group show 5.5.2019, judge Karin Bergbom

Katmary’s Big Spender ”Bosse” BEST MALE-1, CAC, BOS
Let’s Rock Jimmy Dean ”Mikkel” BEST MALE-2
Let’s Rock From Above ”Misteli” BEST FEMALE-1, BOB, BOB-VETERAN

From left Doukki, Luna, Mikke and Misteli
Let’s Rock Who Knew ”Luna”
Misteli BOB and Bosse BOS

Harjavalta group show 20.4.2019, judge Irina Poletaeva

Let’s Rock From Above ”Misteli” BEST FEMALE-3 BOB-VET, BIS3-VET