Let’s Rock tiimin tulokset vuoden russeli 2017 kilpailussa / Let’s Rock team results at JRT of the year 2017 competition;



Agility European Open qualifications and indoor Championship competition, Vantaa 24.-25.3.2018

Let’s Rock Illusions and Dreams ”Halla” and Einari Pekkala,  two clean runs, placement 25 and on Finnish indoor Championships placement 16. Great results among 116 small sized dogs. And on top of all, silver medal for team TAMSK in team Championship competition.


Tallinn, Estonia NDS 24.3.2018, judge Ivan Vasilijevic, Serbia
Let’s Rock Mouse Bandit ”Ashton”  EXC1 CQ BM1 BOS

Tallinn, Estonia NDS 25.3.2018, judge Juta Haranen, Estonia
Let’s Rock Mouse Bandit ”Ashton” EXC1 CQ BM2